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    Wilmington’s Most Wanted

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    In 1995, before craft brewing became a household name—nay, a movement—Front Street Brewery settled in downtown Wilmington as the area’s first and only microbrewery. Almost two decades later, craft brewing accounts for over 90 percent of American...

  • Mofongo

    Fawning Over Mofongo

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    I’m going to tell you about the simplest side dish that you’re not making at home. Mofongo (moh-FON-goh), a Puerto Rican specialty, is a delicious alternative to some of the conventional starches you’re already whipping up for meal time. Locally, I’ve...

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    Inside the Kitchen

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    At 29 years old, Executive Chef Kirsten Mitchell has been with 1900 Restaurant and Lounge in Lumina Station for four years. Yet, she has held a position in a kitchen since she was 18. It all started with her father’s fine-dining establishment, Morel’s, in...

  • BioEnergetic


    May 6 • 540 Views • Life is alive. That sounds totally obvious, but ponder for a moment: What is it that actually makes life alive? This isn’t...

  • Al Fresco Dining at its Best

    When the chill of winter has finally faded, springtime blooms with plentiful opportunities for...

  • Cocktails and Conversations

    Steve, the wine merchant, came in early one evening during a recent snow. His cheeks were red, and...

  • Foodie Biz

    Hybrid foods are slated to be all the rage in 2014. Trending items include BrusselsKale (Brussels...

  • Red Beard, Green Thumb

    “The only way to know where your food is coming from is to know the person that grows it,”...


spicy italian sausage

Food Your Feelings

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Despite my family’s total lack of interest in cooking during my childhood, somewhere along the line, I have become obsessed with the legacy of a kitchen, of how a...

Illustration and recipes by Emily Caulfield


Despite my family’s total lack of interest in cooking during my childhood, somewhere along the line I have become obsessed with the...

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Recipes Raising Funds

On Pleasure Island, there is a race which falls near St. Patrick’s Day every year. Not only a celebration of the running community,...

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Tasty Leftovers

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Uncommon Grounds: The History of Coffee and How it Transformed the World By Mark Pendergrast Basic Books, 2010 Everyone’s favorite addiction captured between the...


Devouring Everyday Staples

Salt Sugar Fat: How the Food Giants Hooked UsBy Michael Moss Random House, 2013  I assumed that once I read “Salt...

May 6 • 493 Views


Devouring History and Eating

Michael Pollan is arguably one of the most famous people writing about food in America today. He blends a reporter’s...

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