• humble

    What is Farming Anyway?

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    If you are alive on the Earth, you have a farmer to thank. Other than maybe teachers, there is no other profession more under-appreciated than farming. As important as they are, we should go out of our way to glorify our farmers and strive to know as many of...

  • our crepes

    Distinctive Flavors:

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    You can’t throw a stone in the Port City without hitting an eatery serving up savory American cuisine. But appetites across the city get tired of the status-quo; people desire something outside the box. For local restaurateurs, this means finding a niche....

  • jess cabo

    Inside the Kitchen:

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    Chef Jessica Cabo, who heads the kitchen at CAM Café in the Cameron Art Museum, hung around the right circles in her 20s and 30s. She was cast on “Hell’s Kitchen,” Gordon Ramsey’s famed cooking competition, during the first season of the FOX TV hit....

  • beer bus

    Wheels on the Bus Go ‘Round:

    Nov 26 • 1037 Views • They met at a bar. Actually, to be fair, it was a networking event for veterans looking to help other veterans. Army...

  • Cocktails and Conversations:

    There’s a certain rhythm to closing a restaurant each night. The chef, who is often first to...

  • Debating Barbecue:

    If you’ve watched a football game this season, you’ve been treated to the insipid commercials...

  • Making Dreams a Reality:

      With one-year old Owen and three-year old Adah, and hearts full of faith and thanksgiving, Kyle...


Illustration and recipes by Emily Caulfield

Food Your Feelings:

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It is a mad scientist’s power that comes from making something wonderful and brand new. A singular dish that was just a grocery list of disparate ingredients, moments...


Food Your Feelings:

It is a mad scientist’s power that comes from making something wonderful and brand new. A singular dish that was just a grocery list of...

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spicy italian sausage

Food Your Feelings

Despite my family’s total lack of interest in cooking during my childhood, somewhere along the line, I have become obsessed with the...

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Devouring VW Culture:

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The Original VW Camper Cookbook By  Lennart Hannu, Steve Rooker and Susanne Rooker 2013 (revised) Kombi-Nation Sweden, 162 pgs. This beautiful book was written by a...


Devouring Lunch:

The tastiest reads to keep your appetite voraciously sated...

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Tasty Leftovers

Uncommon Grounds: The History of Coffee and How it Transformed the World By Mark Pendergrast Basic Books, 2010...

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